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Trekking Guide And Tips On Adventure Tour

Trekking Guide And Tips On Adventure Tour
By []Steve Manik

You should take extra precautions while going for a trekking tour. The tour can be extremely exciting and full of challenges to fill you with vigor. However, most people forget to follow good precautions so that they can make their tour more interesting safe and memorable.

Here are some safety tips for you if you have already decided to go on a trekking tour with your friends and have some great time.

a) Shoes:

These are the most important items when it comes to trekking. You should go for the correct boots in order to enjoy the trip. If you fail in choosing the best pair of shoes for yourself, half of your journey would end up in pain. Hence, it would be prudent to spend some of your valuable time in choosing the correct pair of shoes for a great tour experience.

b) Gender-specific booth:

This is especially designed for women. These possess an anatomically accurate shape known as a "last". The toes should not touch the end of the laced-up boots when you walk down a slope. The heel should also not lift more than about a quarter of an inch when you walk.

c) Beginner-rated trails:

It is very important to initiate with beginner-rated trails of a mile or even less than that. Thereafter you may go towards your way up to longer and difficult hikes.

d) Mark your time:

There is a signboard at the trailhead that indicates your route length. You should always mark your time and effort because the posted mileage is usually one-way.

e) Bag and essentials:

Your bag should contain multiple pockets, padded shoulder straps and big zipper closure. The bag base should be able to rest on your waste-back and the top should be at least one hand-width beneath the base of your neck.

f) Socks:

Thick wool socks are the best for trekking. You may also go for synthetic blend socks especially designed to prevent moisture from the feet.

g) Other essentials:

You also require first-aid kit, water bottle, Swiss Army Knife, compass, winter attires, topographic map and space blanket.

h) Fitness:

Physical fitness is very important when it comes to visiting altitudes above 14,000 feet or upright gains of more than two thousand feet per day. You should be in perfect state of health. Don't forget to take prescribed medicines with you to fight with general problems like nausea or shortness of breath., we are specialized []Adventure
Tour Operator In India.

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